Aseem Deodhar

Aseem Deodhar

Transportation Planner

IBI Group


I am Aseem Deodhar. I am a Transportation Planner at the IBI Group.

I am experienced in, and passionate about civic technology and its applications in transportation, housing studies, urban & regional planning, and infrastructure design. Here, you can see these interests combine and display themselves through academic, professional, as well as personal projects. I am always looking for advice on, and to collaborate with others on my personal research projects.

I graduated with a Master of Science in Urban Informatics from Northeastern University in May 2020, and also holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Pune.

He is passionate about civic technology, urban & regional planning, and data science, and has nearly four years of experience working with city and state agencies across the world on a wide range of public issues.

I love to ride my bike across the region I live in, and you can see a documentation of my trips on my travel blog

I built this website (and my blog!) using the {blogdown} package with Rmarkdown. You can do it too!


  • Civic Tech
  • Open Source
  • Urban Design & Planning


  • MS in Urban Informatics - Urban Innovators Scholarship, 2020

    Northeastern University

  • Bachelor of Architecture, 2016

    The University of Pune


Filter through to see a selection of my academic, professional and personal research work.


Mapping in R

Spatial Analysis and Mapping in R using the {sf} package

mortgager - R Package

Homeownership Costs Calculator - Attainable Housing in Massachusetts

Covid-19’s Effect on Community Vulnerability

Identifying Communities Requiring Targeted Assistance for Community Resilience

Fifteen Minute Boston - Walk, Bike, Transit

How can we transform Boston into a ‘15 Minute’ city?

Visualizing The Pune Tree Census 2015

Visualizing Monthly Bloom Colors for Pune City

Massachusetts Bike & Pedestrian Crashes - 2017

Insights & Visualizations on Automobile Crashes involving Pedestrians and Bicycles in Massachusetts - 2017

Profiling the sidewalks of Boston

Incorporating Physical Distancing Guidelines in Sidewalk Development for Boston

Developing Transit Corridors for Hospital Workers

Exploratory Analysis to Develop Potential Transit Corridors Between Homes and Workplaces of Hospital Workers

An Introduction to Urban Design

Introduction to Urban Design for High School kids

Manifestation of Spatial Inequality in Pune

Understanding the Social and Infrastructural Factors Relating to Spatial Inequality

Perq Emissions Scaling Project

Script developed merging SQL queries with R-script for a unified product

Professional Design Portfolio

A Portfolio of Professional Architecture and Urban Design Work

The Role of Public Transportation in Somerville’s Urban Development

PPUA5262 Big Data for Cities; Northeastern University, Boston

Undergraduate Design Portfolio

A Portfolio of Undergraduate Architecture and Urban Design Work




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Transportation Planner

IBI Group

Jul 2022 – Present Boston, MA

Research Analyst

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Nov 2020 – Jul 2022 Boston, MA
  • Automate ETL pipelines to process the 2020 Census and 1 & 5 year ACS (American Community Survey) data, and CHAS Housing Survey data to be more human readable for planners and the general public to use in their work. DataCommon

  • Assist analysts and researchers in the MAPC’s Data Services department by utilizing various data wrangling and analysis tools such as R, Python, GIS software etc. to develop insights for various urban and regional planning issues in Metro Boston.

  • Contributed spatial and statistical analyses to MAPC’s recommendations on Section 3A of the Massachusetts Zoning Act to support the development of transit oriented multifamily housing development in Greater Boston.

  • Developed and periodically maintain the {mapcdatakeys} R-package to have standardized geographic keys and crosswalks for various geographic levels in Massachusetts such as municipalities, census tracts, blocks, and block groups.

  • Developed the {mortgager} R-package to calculate costs related to home-ownership for MassHousing’s Commonwealth Builder attainable home-ownership program.

  • Respond to various data engineering and analysis requests from planners in other departments such as transportation, public health, housing, and economic development.

  • Presented mapping and data visualization techniques to students in the Big Data for Cities class (PPUA 5262) at Northeastern University in Spring 2021, and Fall 2021.


Civic Data Research Intern


Jul 2020 – Dec 2020 Remote
  • Using ArcGIS, R, AutoCAD & Sketchup developed a ‘Covid-19 Safety Index’ for sidewalks in the City of Boston, to develop insights on sidewalk carrying capacity across Boston neighborhoods. Created an entire ‘Data to Design’ product by creating urban design solutions based on the Safety Index for 4 distinct urban morphological typologies within the City of Boston.

  • Developed an index to identify vulnerable communities in Massachusetts sharply affected by unemployment and health disadvantages due to the coronavirus (covid-19) crisis

  • (keywords: index creation, spatial analysis, time series, product management)


Program Evaluation and Implementation Assistant

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Jul 2019 – Dec 2019 Boston, MA
  • Using R and Adobe Illustrator, created visualizations of insights on pedestrian and bicycle crash data sourced from the MassDOT IMPACT crash portal to present to the Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.

  • Assist analysts in the OPMI (Office of Performance Management and Innovation) by writing R-scripts to contribute transit data insights to the MassDOT Tracker performance report.

  • Developing a SQL integrated R-script to compare transit trips with equivalent single-occupancy car trips measuring CO2 emissions, time taken, and miles traveled. Sourced data from transit planning and revenue department databases.

  • Using R and graphic layout software, created visualizations of insights on pedestrian and bicycle crash data sourced from the MassDOT IMPACT crash portal to present to the Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board

  • (keywords: data visualization, script integration, time series, proximity analysis)


Graduate Research Assistant

Boston Area Research Initiative

Jan 2019 – May 2020 Boston, MA
  • Analyzed origin-destination data from the Transit App and vehicle position data from MBTA GTFS feeds, to predict route and mode preferences of commuters across the network.

  • Identify existing and develop new transit corridors between essential workers’ homes and work location for swift, isolated movement during pandemics. developed in the wake of the current Covid-19 crisis

  • (keywords: database management, proprietary API handling, movement analysis)


Associate Urban Designer

Jana Urban Space Foundation

Jun 2017 – Mar 2018 Bangalore, India
  • Led a team of 3 on research surveys for a historic retail/wholesale market reorganization
  • Collaborated to redesign Bangalore streets for uniform road-width with consideration for NMT users under the Tender SURE design and execution model
  • Conducted weekly team building exercises, and hosted talks & documentaries
  • Design Portfolio
  • (keywords: urban design, spatial analysis, survey development, civil engineering)

Urban Design Trainee

Jana Urban Space Foundation

Nov 2016 – May 2017 Bangalore, India


I am always looking for advice on, and to collaborate with others on my personal research projects. I am currently looking for full-time work, and if you like what you see, I’d love to hear from you!